I have created a free class in Synrey Bridge App that focuses on improving basic techniques and developing logical thinking. Synrey Bridge App (available in Google play and App store) offers unique and interesting contract bridge games and matches. Instead of waiting for other people players, you can start your tournament with a highly intelligent robot partner and opponents whenever you want. Now you can join my class and play board assignments in Synrey Bridge. The Assignments arrange on topic base, You can play and afterward, you can compare them with my play and learn how to play the hand in my Youtube channel. It is Free – click here to see how to join.

If you do not find Synrey Bridge software on Play Store, you can manually install it using an apk file. To download the apk file, click here. I have downloaded it several times and have not found any potentially harmful to my device – but, it is better to install it from the play store. (updated April 15th, 2023).

Fundamentals of the game are explained in 16 progressive lessons, each followed by a set of 20 board hands to play in the Synrey Bridge. At the moment, I have finished creating one lesson for you to play. The other 15 are still in progress. Check this website regularly to see new topics. I made these lessons in Synrey bridge App and paired them with Youtube videos to help serious players move into the advanced ranks.