About us

We are bridge teachers

We plays  ‘Open Level’ Bridge and has been teaching Bridge for over 25 years. We believe good bidding is all bridge players right, we create duobid.online to pursuit this goal for every bridge players to practice partnership bidding in this site. 

The Idea

How do experts prepare for a tournament? They bid practice hands, which increase partnership experience perhaps four-fold versus equal time playing bridge. If you travel with your partner, there’s no better way to pass the time using our bidding practice at duobid.online 

duobid.online also great tools to practice your bidding with partner while you stay at home. 

What we offer

All of us have probably sat around with a partner and dealt out random hands to try to get some bidding practice in. Some of them were useful but many were not. Our collections contain many hands which have been pre-dealt for you, and they are all pertinent to the named topic.