Learning Material

These resources are free to use for your lessons. Download the file by clicking the file name, unzip it, and use it on Intobridge.com, realbridge.online, BBO, or other software as a source of hands. Watch this video on how to use it.

File name (PBN & LIN)Source & NoteVideo
Combine Your Chances (Advance)http://www.rpbridge.net/4q01.htmN/A
Counting by Declarer (Advance)http://www.rpbridge.net/6a01.htmN/A
Suit Establishment (Intermediate)http://www.rpbridge.net/4p01.htmN/A
Suit Play Technique (Intermediate)http://www.rpbridge.net/4d01.htmN/A
Squeeze Plays (Advance II)http://www.rpbridge.net/6c01.htmN/A
Kantar Test Your Play 1-30 (Advance)
Note: NSEW in the file name means hands rotated so
NSEW will be the declarer in turn.
Draw trump not (Beginner)
Note: NS always declarer.
https://duobid.online/2022/04/19/drawing-trump-not/click here
PBN files for improvershold up & safety play
elimination & safety play