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Fantastic idea.  I’m a better bidder everyday. Thanks to my partner and 

– Alif Zidan



All hands are free for you to practice with partner.


You can bid bridge hands 24/7 with your favorite partner and from the comfort of your home or while travelling. Fit for any level and any bidding system.

Online Support

email to help you with any bidding problem.

How it Works

Log on and bid with your partner real time or time line with ease. There are plenty set of boards you can chose to sharpen your partnership agreement. After bid final contract you will have comments and bidding comparations from expert.  You can choose SAYC, 2/1, Precision or Acol as your commented preference, but you can use any bidding system you like. Comments from expert is for you to compare and learn. At the moment we deal with uncontested auction, in the future there will be some hands with contested auction to test your partnership bidding. click here to view our video tutorial how to use

A Powerful Community of Successful Bidder

Set of boards weekly uploaded from expert, with topic base or from recorded tournament for you to compare with your bidding skills.

Bridge teacher

Ideal for bridge partnerships, bridge teachers, and students who seek a deeper grasp of bidding.

Solo bid

You can be going solo to learn conventions or bidding system, for this purpose you need to create two accounts. Each hand is themed and created by an editorial board, who also rates each hand.

Multi partnership

Bid with more than one partner. Beginners, social, intermediate and expert bridge players, all will experience the benefits of this great bridge bidding e-learning service.

Speed up all processes!

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